About Us

The BlooiE's Roadhouse Bar & Grill Story

Since our roaring beginning in early 2000's with a large space in Jalan Tua Kong, BlooiE’s Roadhouse has enlivened the Singaporean passion for roadhouse styled restaurants with its originality.

In contrast to other restaurants, the name originates from the founders first Basset Hound named “BlooiE” where he would often howl, resembling  the singing of the blues. BlooiE was a very loyal companion and the founders wanted to restaurant to exemplify the same loyalty to its customers.

We realised numerous individuals value a place where they could escape the confining city to enjoy a home cooked meal, cold beer and friendly service with their friends or family. As a result, the Taiwanese and Canadian founders poured their passion into the restaurant and created the perfect place for any passerby. Anchored in The RailMall, BlooiE’s strives to carry on the legacy put forth by its founders and continue to offer a welcoming environment for all.

Our menu features home cooked western meals, such as our signature Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger or authentic Taiwanese food such Minced Pork Rice. We offer a variety delicious food that pairs with any drink and are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

Our team takes pride in the way we can furnish our new and loyal customers with our great tasting food, refreshing drinks and a relaxing environment. Come check us out!